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Helicopter Charters for New York

New York Helicopter CharterTime is a resource that is non-recoverable and helicopters are 'time-machines' providing efficient and convenient travel to or from New York.

When operating at conventional airports helicopters are not limited by runway capacity thus avoiding typical airport delays.

Spend more with your family, visiting friends in New York or in the office and less time traveling. Helicopters offer many travel options; airport to heliport, heliport to heliport and where permissible, point to point. All of these options mean that you spend less time traveling.

Imagine the competitive advantage - you've scheduled a meeting to convince a potential client that your company offers the ideal solution for their business requirement. A helicopter picks you up at your office. During the flight to or from New York you have a final opportunity to review and rehearse your presentation. There are no distractions such as driving to the airport, passing though security, or waiting at the gate. You arrive at the meeting refreshed and fully prepared; hours ahead of the competition.

Our helicopters are also available for charter to New York and New York City, Boston, Cape Cod, nantucket, Martha's vineyard and most of the East Coast.

You can visit our video and photo gallery by clicking here.

Our fleet now includes an AgustaWestland A109E, Power Elite, twin turbine helicopter.

This helicopter is designed for today's dynamic business environment and provides executive and VIP travelers with cost effective travel combined with elegance, high speed, high productivity and tremendous flexibility.

This helicopter features dual pilots, instrument flight capable with high cruise speed, a spacious passenger cabin and excellent ride quality. In summary, a helicopter that is the leader in corporate and VIP market and that has set the standard of excellence in its class.

Click here to learn more about this breathtaking luxury helicopter.

We can handle most projects and specialize in working with people and companies from all over New England and specifically from New York, New York City, Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha's vineyard, Boston.


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